Hong Kong Beauty Haul (Part 1)

Hong Kong Haul Part 1

Hong Kong just made me broke! The country has an amazing array of makeup. It is like no brand that I cannot find in Hong Kong. To make it worse, my apartment is located near makeup stores, such as Sasa, Bonjour, Watsons, and even Sogo that carries high-end brands. I really can’t take my eyes off of them. Rather than wiping in the corner and regretting not buying them, I decided to buy the makeup or skincare that I can wear on daily basis, not just something that I wanted to try only. I divided Hong Kong beauty haul in two posts because it is just too many. So pardon me, here’s my Hong Kong Haul Part 1.

1. Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

I can’t help but going in to Lush store when I found out that there were a Lush store near my apartment in Hong Kong. This Lush store is located in Lockhart Road Causeway Bay. It is just beside the entrance of Causeway Bay MTR. As any other Lush stores, we can smell Lush’s bath bombs and soaps from miles away. The smell itself guides us to the store even if we close our eyes. I might be exaggerating, but I found that it is true. One thing that I should do when I shop at Lush, I had to stock up on this Mask of Magnaminty. Here, it costs 110 HKD, or around 198.000 IDR for 125 gr. It is very cheap compared to Singapore price. Many people said that it is best to purchase bigger size because it is cheaper, but for me, that doesn’t apply to this mask because it is best to use while fresh. The expiration date is only four months. The bigger size will not run out by that time, except if you also use it on your body.

2. Lush Dirty Solid Perfume

Lush Dirty Solid Perfume

Another one that I picked from Lush is Dirty Solid Perfume. I purchased this for 145 HKD (261.000 IDR for 6 gr). I really love the smell of Lush Dirty Perfume. My husband actually has the perfume (700 HKD for 100 ml). I secretly wear it when he is not around. The smell is just sophisticated. Lush explains that Dirty is the scent of multi-layered spearmint, tarragon and thyme with the notes of sandalwood and lavender. The scent is very unisex. So, since my husband already has the perfume, I decided to purchase the solid one to use on the go. The packaging is very small and light so that I can put it in my little bag or pocket. Because it is solid, I can also bring it to airplane.

3. Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne

I have always wanted to buy a Jo Malone perfume because I think the smell is just luxurious. I haven’t bought one because it was really hard for me to choose one scent. I almost love every scent that they have and I usually didn’t have much time to browse. Luckily, when I stroll around Sogo in 555 Hennessy Road Causeway Bay, I found Jo Malone counter in B1. The store wasn’t packed so I have the scent selection for myself. After battling between Peony & Blush Suede and Blackberry & Bay, I decided to buy the later one. Since the perfume is so pricey, I only purchased the small one which costs 600 HKD (1.080.000 IDR) for 30 ml. Jo Malone explains that Blackberry & Bay is a burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. For me, the scent is fruity but in such an elegant way. The top note of this cologne is blackberry, while the heart note is bay leaves and the base note is cedarwood. Similar to Dirty from Lush, I think this scent is also unisex.

4. Fresh Sugar Tulip Lip Treatment

Fresh Sugar Tulip Lip Treatment

I was looking for a chapstick that also gives a nice color to my lips. I have known this Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment since 5 years ago, but it wasn’t on top of my purchase list. Since my chapstick almost ran out, I thought, why don’t I give it a go? It was hard to choose between rose and tulip. But, I remember why I wanted to buy a tinted lip balm. It is because I wanted to reapply it during the day and while on the go. So I think it is best to purchase a more vivid color to brighten up my lips. Then, tulip it is. I purchased in for 200 HKD (360.000 IDR) for 4.3 gr in Sogo Causeway Bay. I’d better make use out of it since it is very expensive. The main ingredients of this product is sugar and grape seed oil. Sugar is believed to prevent moisture loss. Fresh claims that it is proven to keep lips moisturized for 6 hours and improve the appearance of chapped lips. It also has SPF 15, which is good for protection.

5. Kiko Milano Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara

Kiko Milano Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara

This is the first time that I saw Kiko Milano store. There are many Kiko Milano stores across Hong Kong, but the first store that I saw was the one in IFC Mall Central. As a makeup lover, of course I feel like I had to at least go in, just window shopping, or buy something. Most of the makeups are affordable, but some are expensive, similar to high-end brands. The first thing that I tried is this Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara. Why? It is just because Kathleen Lights loves it. Duuuh! I didn’t plan to buy it, but when I tried it, it was amazing. My eyelashes look very voluminous and long. It is a bit spidery but I don’t mind that. Moreover, the price is very right. It costs only 49 HKD (88.000 IDR).

6. Kiko Milano Green Me Kajal Refreshing Butter 01

Kiko Milano Green Me Kajal Refreshing Butter 01

I thought it was just ashamed if I walked out Kiko Milano store with only one product, or maybe that is just an excuse to buy more! When I was looking around for nude eyeliner, the beauty advisor in the store introduced me to this limited edition Kiko Milano Green Me Kajal in Refreshing Butter 01. She said that Green Me collection has natural ingredients in both packaging and formulation. in Hong Kong, most Green Me collection’s price are higher than other products. This Green Me Kajal Refreshing Butter 01 costs 79 HKD, or around 142.000 IDR. It is 20 HKD higher than their permanent line of eyeliner. When I tried it in the store, the eyeliner glides like butter on my waterline. Maybe because it contains Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. For a nude eyeliner, it is also very pigmented.

7. I’m Meme I’m Eye Brow Pencil #BP02 Deep Brown

I’m Meme I’m Eye Brow Pencil #BP02 Deep Brown

I am so happy that Hong Kong has Memebox that carries Pony Effect brand. I love seeing Pony in Youtube and obsessed with her product. I have already tried her BB Cushion and it is amazing. In Hong Kong, Memebox only sells two brands, which are I’m Meme and Pony Effect. You really can’t miss this retail store. Located in 20 Pak Sha Road Causeway Bay, this store is painted in bright coral. It is very standout among the eclectic cafes and other retail stores. My initial plan was only to purchase Pony Effect, but the beauty advisor said that if I spent more than 500 HKD, I would get complimentary products. After combining my purchase with my sisters, I need 40 HKD more. I decided to buy this eye brow pencil. It was one of the cheapest product in Memebox, which costs around 68 HKD (122.000 IDR) for 0.3 gr. The tip of the pencil is triangular, similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer.  For me, this kind of tip is good for filling eyebrow, but not for shaping. I decided to buy it because it glides easily.

8. Pony Effect Enamellic Glossy Lip #06 Hazel Varnish

Pony Effect Enamellic Glossy Lip #06 Hazel Varnish

When I first entered Memebox, I was overwhelmed by all the products. I wanted to try everything but I didn’t have much time. So, I decided to focus on lip gloss because I didn’t have one. I am also tired of wearing matte liquid lipstick that dries out my lips. I also looked for a brownish orange color. This Enamellic Glossy Lip in #06 Hazel Varnish is just the perfect one. The beauty advisor recommended it to me. I love the color and the texture. It is glossy but not tacky. It also blurs out lines on my lips. The price is a bit high, though. It costs 160 HKD or around 288.000 IDR. The lipgloss also looks good on top of other lipsticks.

9. Pony Effect Mirage Highlighter #First Chance

Pony Effect Mirage Highlighter #First Chance

Like I said before, if we spent more than 500 HKD in Memebox, we will get complimentary products. This highlighter is one of them. Others are nail polish and top coat, but I gave them to my sister. The beauty advisor asked me whether I chose highlighter or contour powder. I prefer highlighter because the contour powder was too light for me. I am so happy that I got it for free because. If I bought it myself, the price is about 100 HKD (180.000 IDR). This highlighter on #First Chance is very subtle. I love this kind of highlighter to a blinding one. The glitter specks on this highlighter is also very little.

10. Foreo Luna Play Plus

Foreo Luna Play Plus

And finally I got my own Foreo. This is the cheapest type of Foreo that we can charge. I am so glad that Foreo decided to make Foreo Luna Play rechargeable. Well technically, it is not chargeable, but we can replace the battery. The first Luna Play is not rechargeable. It lasts only for 100 use, and after that we cannot do nothing but throw it out. That is such a waste. It is not cheap either. Foreo Luna Play costs around 330 HKD (594.000 IDR). Yes, it is far cheaper than other Foreo devices because other cost more than 1000 HKD. So, when Foreo launched Foreo Luna Play Plus, I was so happy. I couldn’t find it in any stores in Hong Kong, but fortunately I saw it in departure area in Hong Kong Airport. It costs only 408 HKD (734.000 IDR), or 78 HKD more expensive than the non rechargeable one. I think it is such a great deal. Plus, the size is perfect to carry around.

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    1. Adaa sis.. Banyak banget malah counternya.. Tiap liat, pengen masuk karena penasaran ama produk lainnya.. hehe

    1. iyaa paraah bgt.. klo ga dipelototin suami mah aku bs lanjut belanja makeup terus. haha

  1. bikin penasaran banget itu beb Lush Dirty Solid Perfum, sayangnya di Indo belum masuk kayanya yah, huhuhu

    si Fresh Sugar Tulip Lip Treatment juga bikin penasaraaaaan <3


  2. I heard lots of good thing about lush magnaminty… now I’m curious and willing to try it soon as I go to the mall and visit lush! #kbbvmember


  3. Aku penasaran banget sama brand kiko tapi belum kesempetan. Tapi kok murah ya mascaranya? Kalau lipsticknya ak lihat dikorea smpe 20rb wonan sih😭😭

    1. Harga2nya Kiko emang jomplang gitu.. Ada yg murmer ada yg mahal bingits.. Bingung aku juga.. haha

    1. Foreo Luna Play itu alat buat bantu bersihin muka sis.. Instead of using our hands, kita pake Foreo Luna Play ini buat bersihin muka..

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