L’Oreal True Match BB Cream Review

L’Oreal True Match BB Cream

I haven’t heard anyone talking about this L’Oreal True Match BB Cream. The True Match range itself is actually very popular, especially its foundation. It was famous for its extensive range of shade choices. However, we cannot see that extensive shades in this BB Cream as L’Oreal only offers two shades for Indonesian market. But, how about the performance? Is it as good as the foundation?


Packaging of L’Oreal True Match BB Cream
Back Packaging of L’Oreal True Match BB Cream
Nozzle of L’Oreal True Match BB Cream

L’Oreal True Match BB Cream comes in plastic tube. I don’t know why, but almost every BB cream that I know come it this packaging. Maybe because it will be easier to distinguish them to foundation. This L’Oreal packaging is just standard. The product easily comes out from the tube. I don’t have to squeeze hard. It also doesn’t spurt out. What I don’t like about this kind of packaging is that I cannot see how much left on the bottle because it is not see through.


I bought it on Guardian Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta for 158.000 IDR. It contains 30 ml of products. You can also purchase it from e-commerce, such as Lazada and Shopee.

Shade Range

Swatches of L’Oreal True Match BB Cream (Shade Gold)

Different from L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation, this BB Cream only has 2 shades, which are Gold and Ivory. I chose Gold because Ivory is too light for me while my skin is actually pretty fair. I think this BB Cream doesn’t cater for deeper skin tone.


Water, dimethicone, glycerin, isododecane, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, alcohol, PEG-10 dimethicone, dipropylene glycol, betaine, talc, diisotearyl malate, disteardimonium hectorite, ethylhexyl hydroxystearate, henoxyethanol, magnesium sulphate, silica, apricot kernel oil, dimethiconol, aluminium starch octenylsuccinate, dimethicone crosspolymer, vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, disodium stearoyl glutamate, tocopheryl acetate, paciflora edulis seed oil, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, ascorbyl glucoside, alumina, sodium hyaluronate, pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate, aluminium hydroxide, adenosine, silica dimethyl silylate, sodium chondroitin sulphate, atelocollagen. It also may contain: titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, iron oxides.


This product aims to be a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen in one. It acts as moisturizer because it contains Hyaluronic Moisture Aqua. For what I know, Hyaluronic Acid replenishes moisture and hydrates skin. It is also good for anti-aging because as we age we loss the ability to preserve moisture in our skin. This Hyaluronic formula in this BB Cream works great. Upon application, my dry skin becomes plumper. It looks like I have a very healthy bright skin. As for its foundation function, this BB Cream has light to medium coverage. My actual skin and acne scars still peek through. It is nice for everyday wear as well as for some special occasion when I don’t have to be on full glam makeup. It also has SPF 35 PA +++, which means that I don’t have to apply another sunscreen before putting this bb cream. However, that goodness doesn’t last all day. I will elaborate that matter on longevity section.

How to Use

For me, the best way to apply this L’Oreal True Match BB Cream is using beauty sponges. I have tried using foundation brush, but the result is very streaky. So, what I do is put the BB Cream in the back of my hand, then with damp sponges, I take the foundation and pat them lightly on my moisturized face. I usually work by section, such as left cheek first, then go to my chin, etcetera. After that, I go straight to blush on and bronzer. If I wear this BB Cream, I don’t like to set it with powder because it takes away the dewiness. Even though I don’t set them, it is still easy to apply bronzer and blush. The foundation doesn’t move, but it will stay tacky all day.


The coverage of this BB Cream is light to medium.  I still can see my acne scar, but after all I don’t like a very heavy foundation. I like my skin to still be able to breath even though I am wearing foundation. This BB Cream is very easy to blend so that it doesn’t look cakey even if I layer them.


Wearing L’Oreal True Match BB Cream

After 8 hours of wearing,  the coverage is faded in some places, such as my chin and my nose. It is very reasonable because I tend to sit with my hands on my face. I know that it is a bad habit. Also, I am a glasses wearer. My glasses often slides down my nose. However, that is not that bad compare to this one. What I hate most about this foundation is that by the end of the day my face becomes very shiny and greasy. Even my sister said that I was very very greasy. She has never seen my skin look so oily like that. So I guess this foundation looks good if I only wear them for a couple hours.


I have a love and hate relationship with this BB Cream. I like it because upon application this makes my face looks very healthy and bright, but I don’t like the fact that it makes my face very greasy by the end of the day. FYI, my skin is dry. Some of the foundations even cling to my dry patches. So I guess I rate this BB Cream 3 out 5.


Have you ever tried this BB Cream?




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