Viva Queen Perfect Shine Lip Color Review

Viva Queen Perfect Shine Lipcolor

The era of matte lipstick, I guess, will be over soon. Many brands are currently releasing other kinds of finish that much more comfortable, such as satin. That is including Viva. This Indonesian brand is releasing Viva Queen Perfect Shine Lip Color. It is a counterpart of Viva Queen Perfect Matte Lip Color, which was released first. As any other Viva products, this lipstick is also very affordable. It costs only IDR 34.000 for 2.5 gr. I purchased it on official Viva Cosmetics website. Have you tried this lipstick? Wonder how I feel about it? Keep on reading to find out.

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My Thoughts on My Old Favorite Makeups

My Old Favorites

While organizing my makeups, I came across some makeups that I used to wear almost everyday. Some of them were my holy grail. Some of them I wore because I did not have another option. It is sad that those products are left in the bottom of my drawer. So, I decided to bring them back and used them in my face. I, too, am curious about what I think about them nowadays because now I have tried many products. If you wanna know what are my old favorites, then keep on reading:

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November Makeup Haul

November Haul

This month’s haul is about discovering Indonesian brand. I tried to incorporate Indonesian brands to my makeup arsenal because I found that some Indonesian products are as good as US or Korean brands. Moreover, most Indonesian makeup products are much more cheaper than any makeup that we found in Sephora.
I searched up and down mall and online store to find Indonesian products. I found some Indonesia products that caught my eyes. However, along the way, as you can see from my haul, I still cannot resist from buying US
and Korean brands. Read along if you are interested in what I will try this month and review in the near future:

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